Pinholics Anonymous Quarterly Meeting Tournament

An awesome IFPA sanctioned tournament and overall pinball party held four times a year
for all those with a pinball addiction (and those in training)!

Main tournament for WPPR points, and side tournament for bragging rights (both award prize money)

House of Stone, McLean VA 22101 (IM on FB or email for exact address if attending)

Tournament Director: Kevin Stone

Because if you found this page, you may be a Pinholic. Come find out at the next tournament.

Near the last Saturday of the quarter:
   3/30/2013 (completed)
   6/22/2013 (Cancelled due to power outage)
   7/13/2013 (Makeup date from 6/22/2013 - completed)
   9/28/2013 (completed)

Doors open at 4pm for practice.
Registration starts at 4pm along with the side tournament qualifying.
Registration ends at 6:45pm for main tournament and side tournament entry purchases are on hold.
Main tournament starts at 7pm and all must be present at that time to play in main tournament.
Side tournament re-starts after 4th round of main tournament is completed.
Main tournament should be over around 11-11:30pm
Side tournament qualifying ends and finals begin 30 minutes after main tournament is completed.

Pintervention counseling continues until 2am for all those that seek help.

$15 entry fee for main tournament. $3 fee for each qualifying entry for side tournament.
Approximately $40 will go towards snack and sodas from the main entry fees.

There is no limit to number of players; however, please send an email to pinball at kevinsplanet dot com
or use Facebook page to confirm attendance to help anticipate number of attendees - and to get
the street address in order to attend.

Additional Information on Format

Main Tournament
Knockout format - 3 strikes and you're out tournament. Depending on number of players, this could be extended
to 4 or 5 strikes and the format for this will be refined throughout the year to maximize player enjoyment.

We randomly pair players and randomly choose a pinball machine. Those players play and the
loser receives a strike. Once a player has 3 strikes (or the determined number),
they are out of the tournament. Each round we repeat this process until one player remains
and is declared the winner.

We are using the Brackelope tournament software.  The arenas (pinball machines) will all be used in the main tournament until round 4 is completed, then the side tournament will restart and that machine will be removed from the arena list (technically disabled so it will not be chosen again).

Notes: Byes will occur when there are an odd number of players in the round.
Players may only receive one bye until all other players have had a bye,
at which time byes are reset. Due to using Brackelope, there may be repeat pairings of players, and some
machines may be used more than others.  We will try to continue balancing average play time to avoid players
being placed on the same machine repeatedly, but due to the randomness of the format, this will not be
totally avoidable.

Tie-breakers (one more match) will be used to determine final 3 spots if necessary.

1st - 60% of entry fees
2nd - 30% of entry fees
3rd - 10% of entry fees

WPPR - 6.25 point base per event

Side Tournament
This is a qualifying tournament where the top 4-8 players will play to determine the final standings.
If 8 players are in the finals, players will be placed into 2 groups with seeding, play one match and top 2
players advance to the final match with remaining 4 players.
The number of finalists depends on the number of players in the tournament.
Each qualifying entry costs $3 and the player's overall highest score will be their official qualifying score.
A player may play as many entries as they want.

Number of finalists:
4 players at this time

1st - 40% of entry fees
2nd - 30% of entry fees
3rd - 20% of entry fees
4th - 10% of entry fees

WPPR - None, just bragging rights and money

Machine Lineup

- Lord of the Rings
- Jackbot
- Tron Pro Legacy
- AC/DC Premium
- Harlem Globetrotters
- Flight 2000
- Mata Hari
- Meteor
- Spider-man
- Stars
- Metallica LE (coming soon)

- Current: Stars
- Side tournament game will rotate each quarter once more machines are added to the lineup

Contact Information
Kevin Stone - email me at pinball at kevinsplanet dot com

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